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EVOMS GT X X X Assaults 230+ MPH at the Texas Mile
The GT X X X Performance System for the Porsche 996 turbo has set a new speed record of 231.4 MPH for the standing mile at the Texas Mile.

Goliad, TX – Evolution MotorSports has set the Porsche world on fire with a new standing 1-mile speed record of 231.4 MPH. Additionally, we set a new record for the fastest street Porsche from 0-300 KM which was done in 14.41 seconds!  What makes both of these records even more astonishing is it was accomplished in a 100% street car that weighs 3300 pounds.  This car is still equipped with A/C, a full stereo with Bose sub box and had nothing stripped out of it.  All of the aerodynamics are 100% stock and the only appearance changes to the car are the FIKSE FM10 wheels. 

Our accomplishments with this Monster 996 turbo stem from our 8+ years of experience with this power plant combined with thousands of hours of advanced CAD engineering, prototyping, virtual testing and real world product validation.  John Bray, Evolution MotorSports Master Porsche Technician, has built more than one hundred 996TT & 997TT engines in the past 5 years and has been responsible for many of the technical advances and the evolution of the water-cooled, 4 valve, flat six engine. The EVOMS engine development team has practically re-engineered most of the internal engine components to withstand and endure the most brutal punishment. Our engine building processes have been perfected throughout the years which have contributed to our many accolades and our new world record achievements.

Why GT X X X? We have not yet named this one.  In the past we have used the GT (Garrett Turbo) followed by the power of the specific performance system.  Since we have set a new record with this car as well as entering into a whole new stratosphere, we feel it is time for a new name. We are asking our dealers, friends and anyone reading this to offer suggestions.  Please email them to and the one who comes up with the selected name will receive a free pair of Piloti Driving shoes. 

NOTE: Previous records were held by a lightweight 964 turbo which ran the mile at 228 MPH and a European 993 turbo race car which ran a 0-300 KM distance in 16.9 seconds. 

THANKS To Our Sponsors!
A HUGE Thank You is in order for those who helped us achieve this World Record.  Our sponsors played a critical role in our success
, perhaps you should consider them as well!

The ONLY Wheels We Trust On Our Performance Cars PERIOD! The Tires We Trust At High Speeds. Great Grip and Superb Stability At 231 MPH! The Brake Discs We Trust to Stop the Freight Train - No Parachute Needed Engine Software that Shatters World Records and Drives Like a Street Car - intelligent tuning

Dyno Run and Prep for World Record Run Video:

Texas Mile Photos:


For more information, pictures and videos please contact H. Christopher Parvin at Evolution MotorSports, Tempe Arizona - USA. 480.317.9911 

A special thanks to our Creative Director ab irato, Geri Amani of Redlign AutoSports! Check out some of Geri's work at

  Thank you Tanner Foust, John Aronson and everyone that supported the EVOMS TV week. Watch local listings for the best show on SpeedChannel - SuperCars Exposed, hosted by Tanner Foust. The episode we filmed will feature company founder, Todd Zuccone and highlights the testing of the EVOMS 997 EVT850 Performance System!

See all the great behind-the-scene photos and video of the day with SpeedChannel here: EVT850 Photos and "building the MONSTER" GT X X X photos here: GT X X X Photos. Video link here: SpeedChannel Video

EVT850 eDRIVER Texas Mile Testing - Proving

Evolution MotorSports announced the EVT850 Performance System for the Porsche 997 Turbo in early March. In this video the EVT850 is taken to the Texas Mile event as part of eDRIVER product reliability and validation program. This is how we do what we do! Drivers Todd Zuccone, Founder and Owner of Evolution MotorSports and Joe Gargano, long time EVOMS customer and Porsche Racer put the latest EVOMS creation to the test and pushed the EVT850 with consistent 195 to 196 MPH speeds.  Throughout the 3-day event, the EVT850 ran down the 1 mile airstrip 10 times on a quest for 200 MPH. Although the EVT850 did not reach 200 MPH, the EVOMS design and testing team did obtain a tremendous amount of data and discovered a restriction in the EVT850 performance system that was previously not found from the initial tests.

Todd Zuccone explains: this is why we spend a tremendous amount of time and money testing our performance systems. We discovered a restriction that was previously hidden because it only occurred in the high RPM range of 5th and 6th gear.  Although this prevented us from reaching our target speed of 200 MPH, we now have isolated the restriction and have already designed a new component that will improve the top end power of our production EVT850 performance systems.

EVT850 Texas Mile Video

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