EVOMSit software combines our superior mechanical expertise with an  unequivocal capacity to calibrate the most complex automotive computer electronics. When you experience an EVOMSit software upgrade for your vehicle, you will begin to realize our world of intelligent tuning, insanely tuned. EVOMSit software calibrations have been tested under the most grueling conditions during dyno simulation in our state-of-the-art AWD dyno cell as well as in real world driving on the street and on the race track. We further scrutinize and refine our software during our eDRIVE independent product validation program to produce unmatched results.

Our stringent testing assures pure, crisp and consistent power in all of the conditions you enjoy your vehicle. We spend 100% of our R&D efforts on the development and testing of performance software, period! The combination of our meticulous mechanical expertise, painstaking attention to details and our unequivocal capacity to calibrate the most complex automotive computers, clearly  sets  us  apart  in  the world  automotive software tuning.
EVOMSit performance software represents the apex of technology where pure adrenaline is fused with  ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE

"Particularly impressive is the EVOMSit software tuning. Partial-throttle response, often a weak spot with aftermarket tunes, is every bit as good as a factory GT3’s.  It’s the final piece in that rarest of puzzles: an aftermarket engine that outshines its factory basis. - Pete Stout, Excellence Magazine - April 2010 - "Hello 8800 RPMS" 997 GT3 RS 3.9L <Excellence Magazine Link>

bullet Porsche
bullet Lamborghini
bullet AMG Mercedes
bullet Bentley
bullet Bugatti
bullet Ferrari 
bullet Maserati
bullet VW / Audi


"Livin' Texas Mile High"

"Tuning a SHARK - GT3"

bullet Ferrari F458 Software
bullet Ferrari F430 Scuderia 591 HP!!!!
bullet 2010 Audi S6 5.2L V10
bullet 2010 Porsche 997TT DFI
bullet 1996 Porsche 993TT GT650
bullet 2009 Ferrari California
bullet 2003 Ferrari F360
bullet 2007 Audi RS4
bullet 2010 Porsche GT3 3.8L
bullet Bentley Continental GT
bullet Maserati Quattroporte GTS
bullet Porsche 957 Cayenne 700+ HP
bullet Porsche Cayman S DFI PDK
bullet Mercedes SL65 TUNED
bullet Mercedes E63 AMG TUNED
bullet Porsche 997 GT2 EVT670
bullet Porsche 997TT EVT850 TUNED
bullet Porsche 997.2 DFI Software
bullet Lamborghini Murciélago LP640
bullet Audi R8

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